Evidence shows that investing in yourself, your team or your employees develops self-awareness, demonstrates commitment, enhances knowledge, skills and capabilities, and generates real value added for personal financial worth and associated activities.
At THE BOX we specialise in the provision of bespoke training, coaching and support for personal development in the following areas:
  • FOR BUSINESS [click to view]
  • FOR SCHOOLS AND STUDENTS [click to view]

    For Business

    We offer a Workplace Wellbeing Programme enabling your business to choose the services and training required to build a programme to suit all of your development and wellbeing needs.

    These programmes can be delivered on or offsite. We work with specialists and leading practitioners to offer everything from private exercise classes, combined meeting room hire with exercise and wellness workshops, through to innovative team building days and certified leadership, management and communication training.

    Please visit our BUSINESS page for further information and to make an enquiry.

    For Schools and Students

    In addition to our Workplace Wellbeing Programme, we provide training and workshops specifically designed for the needs of teachers and students:


    Our specialist training provider, Sarah Brennand of Level 7 Communications, brings together her expertise in the neurology of learning strategies (how our brains learn best), with her experience of teaching and learning in a higher education environment and her extensive understanding and licensed application of the NLP technology, to provide you with efficient and powerful learning strategies. Level 7 communications can provide you with precise guidance that will enable every teacher to teach effectively to learners of every age, in every context. So whether you are new to teaching or very experienced, you can systematically improve your skills to communicate with and enable your students to learn in a more fun, efficient and effective way.


    Bringing together experience in, and understanding of, the education system, including the associated pressures and requirements students face during their learning journey, Level 7 Communications offer schools and students a selection of on or offsite wellbeing and learning workshops, providing a range of support in the following areas:

    • General health and wellbeing
    • Learning strategies for effective exam preparation, memory and revision techniques
    • Stress management and the development of emotional intelligence and resilience
    • Preparation for further education and / or a career, including UCAS, CV and job application training and support, presentation and communication techniques for influential presenting and networking, and valuable life skills including personal financial management and nutrition.
    Please visit our SCHOOLS AND STUDENTS Page for further information and to make an enquiry.

    Executive and Personal Coaching with Sarah Brennand (Level 7 Communications)

    Offering a range of Executive and Personal Coaching to individuals who want to improve or learn how to better manage their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours, (and those of people around them), and to those who want to utilise our expertise to optimise their personal and professional performance.

    Specialist in the following areas:

    Executive Coaching

    For those who are interested in personal development and optimising professional performance, the focus here is on career development and areas of competitive advantage. Specialising in the areas of interpersonal communication skills to achieve greater self-awareness and an enhanced ability to better manage and influence those around us, this includes and is not limited to personality types and leadership styles, team building techniques, informal and formal presentations, pitches and winning sales techniques, communication campaigns and the management of messages to key stakeholders. Sarah will be launching the delivery and certification of the ILM levels 5 and 7 Executive Coaching Qualifications in Spring 2018, for those directors and senior managers who are looking to become certified coaches themselves, to the highest executive levels, improving both their own and the performance of those around them. For further information on these courses, please contact Sarah direct at sarah@level7communications.co.uk

    Personal and NLP Coaching

    Personal Coaching is a highly valuable tool for self-development and a highly effective way of improving and changing strategies, thoughts or behaviours in your life that you’re not happy with. With action comes change and that’s where personal coaching can help. Our Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP, Sarah Brennand has 12 years experience of working with individuals to help them to reframe limiting beliefs to increase confidence, reduce anxiety, eliminate phobias, break undesirable habits and improve overall health and wellbeing.

    Sports Performance Coaching

    Utilising the NLP technology combined with applied emotional intelligence and learning strategy insight, to work with athletes to enable them to create and manage desired states in preparation for, and execution of specific sporting activities; to support and promote rest and recovery; and to develop and enhance personal branding and career planning alongside competitive sport or in the transition come career end.

    Please visit our EXECUTIVE AND PERSONAL COACHING page for further information and to make an enquiry.

    Please Get In Touch

    If you are interested in any of our Personal Development services for Business, for Schools and Students or any of our Executive, Personal, NLP or Sport Performance Coaching, please contact Sarah Brennand, our Director and Head of Coaching and Training, for further information or to discuss your requirements: SARAH@ATTHEBOX.CO.UK  t: 01785 450159


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