Evidence shows that investing in personal development, your team or your employees develops self-awareness, demonstrates commitment, enhances knowledge, skills and capabilities, and generates real value added for personal financial worth and associated activities.
At THE BOX we specialise in the provision of bespoke training, coaching and support for personal development in the following areas:
Executive and Personal Coaching with Ed Bassett

Offering a range of Executive and Personal Coaching to individuals who want to optimise their personal and professional performance at home and at work, to live a life anchored around core values, integrity and defined goal setting. At the same time always thinking of others first and appreciating the value in living a selfless life of kindness and gratitude

Executive Coaching

For those who are interested in personal development and optimising professional performance, the focus here is on career development and areas of competitive advantage. Specialising in the areas of interpersonal communication skills to achieve greater self-awareness and an enhanced ability to better manage and influence those around us, this includes and is not limited to personality types and leadership styles, team building techniques, informal and formal presentations, pitches and winning sales techniques, communication campaigns and the management of messages to key stakeholders.


Personal Coaching is a highly valuable tool for self-development and a highly effective way of improving and changing strategies, thoughts or behaviours in your life that you’re not happy with. With action comes change and that’s where personal coaching can help. Ed has lived a life of travel, fast paced work environments and sporting excellence aswell as leading a number of non- profit activities in the education space. is passionate about the fact you can ALWAYS choose a different path.

Ed will work through what’s important to balance your life and support you every step of the way to find your whole self in an honest but considered, supportive manner where your emotional balance comes first. You can’t thrive when half empty.

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If you are interested in any of our Personal Development services for Business or Personal : mailto:ed@atthebox.co.uk or book in a FREE getting to know you session to see if Ed can help here

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