We rise by lifting others

One of BlueMind’s central pillars is ‘The Real You’. Within that is a process of self discovery to understand your true purpose. Why are we all here on this wonderful rock? How can we find meaning in our lives? Essentially. This mean co-elevating our community. We rise by lifting others.

Life without meaning

Beyond the search for security, food and material possessions many of us are trapped in a meaningless and shallow existence of consumerism, selfishness and self sabotage either via social media or alchohol, food or other destructive behaviours as we numb the pain of everyday life

Many people have awakened to a deeper sense of who they are, an understanding of their person and what their calling could be. Many haven’t. We believe that having a more meaningful purpose comes from an integral human search for connection and that co-elevation is core to that. Basically, it means putting others before self. 

It would be reasonable to say that BlueMind in it’s very essence is a desire to connect people together. That real power comes from stronger relationships. Infact we would go as far to say that seeking improving, loving and purposeful human relationships are the essence of BlueMind’s heart. 

We all seek closer connections, more transparency, stronger boundaries and clarity on where we stand. Strip away the car, the house, the material possessions, the delusional social media and connections between people are what make life truly wonderful, or indeed toxic. 

“Deep human connection is the purpose and the result of a meaningful life – and it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity, and humanity” – Melinda Gates 

We rise by lifting others


In a nutshell, making co-elevation core to your daily and long term habits will make you a happier and more contended soul. We talk from experience but we also talk from research and found this excellent blog here with excerpts below

The Helper’s High

  • According to the Cleveland Clinic, benefits of helping or giving back include lower blood pressure, increased self-esteem, less incidence of depression, lower stress levels, a longer life and greater happiness. The link between giving, improved health and longevity may be the decrease in stress, which is often linked to health issues. In one Johns Hopkins study, researchers found that people who provided social support to others had lower blood pressure than those who didn’t.
  • Giving activates the parts of the brain related to pleasure, trust, and relationships with others. We secrete important feel-good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin — a rush that’s often referred to as the “helper’s high.” A study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health analyzed the MRIs of people who gave to charity. Researchers were able to see how giving stimulated the mesolimbic pathway, known as the reward center of the brain.
  • Others see the health benefits of diverting our attention from ourselves to others. With stress and depression often linked to inner strife, putting others first through volunteerism or making a financial donation can shift our focus outside of ourselves. This can give you new insight and perspective into your situation and lessen the negative mental impact. Often problems are not that sigificant when compared to those of others.

Creating Purpose

Contributing time or hard-earned money automatically links us to a person, a cause, or the greater good in general. This connects us to a larger purpose and creates meaning and investment that is integral to mental health. A recent study found that having a purpose in life had measurable cognitive benefits for participants from their 30s all the way into their 80s.The same is true for teens. Those with a greater sense of purpose had a more positive self-image and better transitioned into adulthood.

Giving back can also create a community of like-minded, altruistic people. Whether it’s curing cancer or helping alleviate world hunger, getting behind a meaningful cause can lessen certain mental health risks while also reducing loneliness and isolation. We rise by lifting others.

Building Gratitude

Even when we give our own money or time, the giver — not just the recipient — can feel a renewed sense of gratitude. Seeing others benefit from our actions instills a sense of thankfulness for the gifts we have to offer, which research shows is linked to happiness, health, and social bonds. The directors of the Research Project on Gratitude and Thankfulness focused on teaching college students to “count their blessings.” They later found those students exercised more, were more optimistic, and had a better outlook about their lives overall.

community first
community first

Feeling and expressing gratitude can apply to the past, when you’re thankful for a previous blessing; or the present, when you don’t take what you have for granted; or the future, when you’re hopeful and optimistic. No matter how we experience gratitude, giving thanks can make us happier and even lessens the risk of depression.

In a long-term twenty-year study published in the Oxford Journal, researchers found that environment-based volunteers reported fewer depressive symptoms. Other studies have shown a link between generosity and lower rates of depression.

Some ideas for you 

  • How can you practically help your friends and family? What jobs, projects or errands do they need help with?
  • Can you mentor people at work perhaps? 
  • Look into some charitable work that really resonates with you? Can you get the family involved and do some volunteering together maybe?
  • Right down what longer term legacy you would like and think about how things might be look with getting involved now in those areas you might want to develop longer term – like a foundation, a long term plan for the community, how you might be remembered. All this will help shape what you start to do today.
  • Remember whilst it’s ok to self care, focus on your goals and achieve wealth we do indeed rise by lifting others.
  • How about raising some money? Click Here for ideas
  • Hand in hand with giving back is Gratitute based living. Read our blog here

About the Author – Ed is a start up and business development coach and business owner with a record of business and personal growth. He can be contacted at ed@atthebox.co.uk

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