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What is workplace wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a concept that almost everyone thinks they understand intuitively, but many struggle to articulate what they mean; it’s often referred to by healthcare professionals as a synonym for good health, especially mental health. Ordinary people use words like happiness, satisfaction or quality of life. After extensive research, The UK Office for National Statistics has defined it as a measure of how we are doing as individuals, communities and as a society.

By building engaging and supportive communities, with wellbeing at the heart, businesses create environments where people and performance really thrive, both personally and professionally; this is the aim of workplace wellbeing.


Why should workplace wellbeing matter to me?

Most business leaders want to improve the wellbeing of their people. Research has shown that doing this can also lead to valuable business benefits in return:

•  Experimental work shows that improving wellbeing can boost productivity by as much as 15%.

•  Companies invest greatly in promoting the engagement of their people, but paying attention to wellbeing makes that engagement sustainable. Without it, burnout is
a real risk.

•  Impaired wellbeing often manifests as mental ill health, which is now the main cause of sickness absence in much of the world.

•  Presenteeism is even commoner with reduced wellbeing and is estimated to cost the businesses at least one and a half times their absenteeism bill.

•  Organisations promoting wellbeing for their people are three and a half times more likely to be creative and innovative.

•  Customer experience is strongly correlated with the wellbeing of the employee with whom they interact.

•  Millennials and subsequent generations are motivated less by money and look proactively to work for organisations that foster their wellbeing.

(Source: Dr Paul Litchfield, Chair of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing; Expert in occupational health and a leading voice on workplace wellbeing. 2017).


Where should you business focus?

Smarter organisations look at the key drivers of wellbeing and put
in place measures that are likely to influence those in a workplace context. Here at THE BOX, we can support you through the provision of a tailored Workplace Wellness Package.

You can choose to invest in a half, full or consecutive day package or commit to an on-going programme that suits your needs. We offer everything from private classes, combined meeting room hire with exercise or wellness sessions, through to teambuilding workshops and certified leadership and management training.


Engage our expertise

In wellbeing, we know that one size doesn’t fit all; we recognise your individual and corporate needs are unique to you and the environments you work within. That’s why we work closely with our team of leading experts to share their perspectives and practical applications on the most important themes in workplace wellbeing, offering you the flexibility to tailor a workshop to best fit your needs.

We recommend you make the most of your time in our new and unique modern environment, by designing a day that includes training and rest for both the mind and body, to ensure you’re maximising the potential for full body development, wellness and health. All of our trainers and instructors are fully qualified with extensive knowledge and experience in their respective areas.

Our ‘Programme Options’ provides an overview of what can be included in your bespoke Workplace Wellness Package. You can choose to have everything delivered whilst you are all together onsite, opt for a programme that enables your employees to book individual sessions at times to suit them, or combine the two by providing both a group and individual approach to the development of a package that’s best for you and your business (this can often be useful if you’d like to include coaching or full-length complementary therapy sessions). Whatever your requirement, our team of experts are here to help you design a package that’s right for you, your team and your business.

Click to see an overview of our PROGRAMME OPTIONS or please contact us to discuss your design requirements at CUSTOMERSERVICE@ATTHEBOX.CO.UK

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