Personal Development for Schools and Students

Are you feeling fit to face the 21 Century? With growing demands on schools, teachers and students to ‘perform’, and rising reports of associated increases in stress and anxiety, we provide services to help you balance these demands with our comprehensive range of health and wellbeing and training and support services, ensuring:

  • You can continue to attract, develop and retain a healthy, skilled and dedicated team of educators.
  • Your students can develop the study and life skills that will prepare them for and support them through the pressured exam periods.
  • Your students develop the skills and capabilities valued by employers to give them a competitive advantage in the job market.

Services for Schools and Teachers

All of our Personal Development services ‘FOR BUSINESS’ are available to Schools and Teachers (Our flexible range of Workplace Wellbeing Programmes, Certified Leadership and Management Courses and Executive and Personal Coaching). Please visit our  ‘For Business’  page for further information on these services.

We also provide training and workshops specifically designed for the needs of teachers and students:

We work with Level 7 Communications to bring specialist expertise in the neurology of learning strategies (how our brains learn best), and experience of teaching and learning in a higher education environment with extensive understanding and the licensed application of the NLP technology, for efficient and powerful learning. Level 7 Communications provides training and coaching to offer precise guidance that will enable every teacher to teach effectively to learners of every age, in every context. So whether you are new to teaching or very experienced, you can systematically improve your skills to communicate with and enable your students to learn in a more fun, efficient and effective way.


Our provider, Level 7 Communications, brings together experience in, and understanding of, the education system, including the associated pressures and requirements students face during their learning journey, to offer schools and students a selection of wellbeing and learning workshops, providing a range of support in the following areas:

  • General health and wellbeing (including yoga and body balance classes, breathing exercises, healthy eating and nutrition advice).
  • Stress management and the development of emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • Learning strategies for effective exam preparation, memory and revision techniques.
    • Preparation for further education and / or a career, including:
    • UCAS, CV and job application training and support
    • Presentation and communication techniques for influential presenting and networking
    • Self branding and social media management training
    • Valuable life skills workshops including personal financial management and nutrition, ideal for those preparing to leave home and becoming more independent in all areas of their life.

Our services are available both on and offsite and can be delivered to a team / class or through 1-2-1 coaching. Please contact Sarah Brennand (Director and Head of Coaching and Training) for further information or to make a booking.
e:  t: 01785 450159

Across the year we will be holding workshops at THE BOX for the general public to book onto for study skills and exam preparation and support, please keep an eye on our events page for details of when these will be taking place.

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