Personal Development and Wellbeing for Business

We offer a range of services to help you attract, develop and retain a healthy, skilled and motivated workforce.
We provide:
  • A Start2Finish Workplace Wellbeing Programme
  • Business Growth BOX: A membership club providing business owners and directors with the support, challenge and education necessary to achieve growth and success in today’s business environment.

Workplace Wellbeing Programme

By building engaging and supportive communities, with wellbeing at the heart, businesses create environments where people and performance can really thrive both personally and professionally, this is the aim of workplace wellbeing.

Our Start2Finish Workplace Wellbeing Programme enables your business to take advantage of our unique ability to support you through the whole process, as the name says, ‘from Start2Finish’ based on your individual requirements.

The value of workplace wellbeing for your business

Most business leaders want to improve the wellbeing of their people. Research has shown that doing this can also lead to valuable business benefits in return:

  • Experimental work shows that improving wellbeing can boost productivity by as much as 15%.
  • Companies invest greatly in promoting the engagement of their people, but paying attention to wellbeing makes that engagement sustainable. Without it, burnout is 
a real risk.
  • Impaired wellbeing often manifests as mental ill health, which is now the main cause of sickness absence in much of the world.
  • Presenteeism is even commoner with reduced wellbeing and is estimated to cost the businesses at least one and a half times their absenteeism bill.
  • Organisations promoting wellbeing for their people are three and a half times more likely to be creative and innovative.
  • Customer experience is strongly correlated with the wellbeing of the employee with whom they interact.
  • Millennials and subsequent generations are motivated less by money and look proactively to work for organisations that foster their wellbeing.

(Source: Dr Paul Litchfield, Chair of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing; Expert in occupational health and a leading voice on workplace wellbeing. 2017).

Engage our expertise

In wellbeing, we know that one size doesn’t fit all; we recognise your individual and corporate needs are unique to you and the environments you work within. That’s why we take time to fully understand your needs through our audit and consultancy services, and work closely with our team of leading experts to share their perspectives and practical applications on the most important themes in workplace wellbeing, offering you the flexibility to identify and tailor a programme to best fit your needs.

Our Venue: We recommend you make the most of your time in our new and unique modern environment, by designing a day or full programme that includes training and rest for both the mind and body, to ensure you’re maximising the potential for full body development, wellness and health.

Join the Workplace Wellbeing Revolution and start your journey with us today.



Business Growth BOX (BGB Club)

A membership club providing business owners and directors with the support, challenge and education necessary to achieve growth and success in today’s business environment.

The Business Growth BOX brings together like-minded individuals interested in achieving growth and success in business, with executive business coaches, trainers, and industry specialists who can provide insight, training, motivation and support. Business owners and directors representing businesses from all markets and sizes are welcome and there will be an opportunity for members to discuss ideas, challenges and successes with the aim to seek and receive feedback and advice from peers and business experts.

The format of all meetings will include a short and insightful talk on a topical business issue or route to growth; and will include the opportunity for members to discuss and receive feedback on their own business concerns and successes. Membership is for 1 primary business owner or director from each business and includes the opportunity to bring along a guest from the same business at no additional cost, enabling you to share the value where you need it most.

To ensure commitment to growth, the Business Growth BOX operates an annual membership scheme. Meetings take place monthly on the last Thursday of every month at THE BOX, in Stone Staffordshire. Please contact us for further information and membership enquiries.



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