Facing redundancy?

“Nobody is coming to save you'”

The most brutal but yet the most helpful of quotes for those facing redundancy or needing some serious life changes in the work/purpose department.

Having spoken and interviewed around 15 people in the last few weeks of Summer 2020 and mid Covid lock downs I wanted to share my experience of being made redundant from a senior job in energy in 2016 and how, with endless rejection letters behind me, I took the bull by the proverbial horns and made the decision to become ‘self employed’. So I put something up on Linked in offering an hour of my time for people interested in the journey to self employment

The group were all concerned they were about to or had already lost their employment or wanted to explore career moves. Most wanted to work for themselves or were appreciating that after 10 to 25 years in employment it was time to set up that business finally and escape the rat race.

Some common themes

  • Unsurprisingly, people are worried about money and security.  Even people in relationships with people earning an income. There are huge financial and emotional pressures on many people and that was the commonest theme in resisting make such changes or anxiety about being out of work. That is pretty obvious, and I am not and wasn’t immune to such pressures. However, most people were comfortably off, and the issue was more of concern about status and wealth and accumulation of further wealth than facing real financial distress.
  • A job seems to define many people.
  • Change terrifies some people
  • Many want to do something but don’t really know what that is and would rather suffer in a career for the financial security
  • 70% of those I talked to didn’t enjoy their work more than 5 out of 10

One thing I often expressed was to remember always is you are doing the best you can and not to beat yourself up about things that have nothing to do with your ability or value to your family or the wider world.

I advised all of them that they can still be a amazing human being without a job or successful business! They can still perform in other aspects of their lives to build self esteem and purely having validation from employment is, in any case, a slippery slope (think retirement).  All change is difficult and if it is difficult it actually means you are moving into growth.

In no particularly order some tips if you are facing redundancy and if you seek another position or are considering something completely different –

  1.  It’s down to you and only you. You will get out exactly what you put in. Effort multiplies via the networks you build at work or in your own company
  2. Reduce all spend and talk regularly with your partner about your plans and finances but don’t dump your problems on them all the time. If you need to let off steam and talk through things try and do it with some purpose and boundaries
  3.  Network tirelessly. Don’t ask for a job. Add some value
  4. Think like the CEO. Don’t be a jobs-worth and do some stuff for free to get your foot in the door
  5. Consider a completely different lifestyle
  6. Don’t expect too much too soon. Unrealistic expectations will destroy your mindset
  7. Enjoy your time. Job or no job you are moving forward in ways you can be proud of! Do other things, try other stuff, learn new stuff, challenge yourself…..find growth elsewhere
  8. Take care of self and ask for help.  Exercise and eat well
  9. Consider a coach or therapist and don’t dump your stress on those closest to you all the time
  10. Laugh. There are bigger issues. Be brave
  11. Amazing things happen when you start living for other people first
  12. Set goals & make plans !!!
  13. Be grateful – some people would love your life

This may all sound obvious to many BUT genuinely most people think sending CV’s out and applying for jobs will land you your next role in weeks. It may do that, but chances are these days it won’t, but more importantly is WHY are you doing it if you hate it. Redundancy is a time for reflection, to build self- awareness and to consider what really is a purpose that you wish to fulfill.

If you would like to discuss my journey to self employment and becoming a successful business owner and start up coach please do drop me a line at ed@atthebox.co.uk or read by blog here on starting your own business

Good luck !


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