Facial Reflexology – Treat yourself to a Mini Face-Lift

Want to try reflexology but don’t like having your feet touched? Why not treat yourself to a soothing Facial Reflexology treatment? If you’re feeling a bit stressed or frazzled, having any kind of facial treatment can be calming and relaxing, but Facial Reflexology can do your INSIDES good, as well as just your face.

It is the most amazing, relaxing therapy with the unique benefits of a healthy glow and a more youthful complexion as well as balancing your mind and body. It has been referred to as a ‘Mini Face-Lift’ and is based on the same principles of foot or hand reflexology, which work by stimulating reflex points that correspond to different organs and body systems.

The stimulation on the face improves lymphatic drainage and blood flow, which helps with the removal of toxins that relieves muscle tension and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen (which work together to create skin strength, firmness, and shape). It stimulates circulation in surrounding structures helping to strengthen layers of skin tissue and improve skin tone, creating a natural Botox effect and gives a healthy radiant glow. Additionally, over a series of sessions there may be a reduction in lines and wrinkles, helping you to feel good AND look good. In addition, your whole body will be relaxed, balanced and you will feel glowing from the inside out.

I use the Bergman Method of Facial Reflexology, developed by Ziggie Bergman, who is described as “Facial Reflexologist to the Stars” by the Daily Mail. The treatment incorporates special therapeutic techniques and massage movements covering around 28 points of the face. Because the face is close to the brain, manipulating facial reflex points directly connects to the body’s neuro-pathways. Apart from your glowing and healthy appearance, facial reflexology aims to relieve blocked sinuses and congestion, improve concentration and relieve tension in the head and body. It also boosts your immune system.

This beautiful technique Relaxes, Rebalances & Rejuvenates.

Bookings available for Facial Reflexology at THE BOX from February 2018!

Visit our CLASSES PAGE to book a Facial Reflexology session using the Appointments tab on the page, or alternatively you can email us to inquire about availability and make a booking direct at CustomerService@ATTHEBOX.co.uk.

Author: Jo Coombs BSc (Hons) MAR MGHT

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