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Coaching with Sarah Brennand

Sarah started her study of mind and performance coaching back in 2002 when she became fascinated with the impact that such techniques have on personal and professional performance and overall health and wellbeing.

Since then, she began studying individual behaviour and communication styles and trained and qualified as an Internationally Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Sarah researched emotional intelligence, first in Denmark and then in the U.K. through her MBA and applied work on elite personal and professional performance (specifically in athletes, and professionals working within the leisure and hospitality industries including the world-renowned Raymond Blanc, Alain Roux, Diego Masciaga, Marcus Wareing and Michael Caines).

Sarah trained in hypnotherapy with the co-founder of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler, and the British hypnotist and behavioural scientist, Paul McKenna and returned to London in October this year (2017) to complete her training and associated tests with Dr Richard Bandler and John La Valle (President of the Society of NLP) to become an Internationally Licenced Master Practitioner of NLP. She continues to keep up with new and emerging research in the field of brain health and performance through her research which focuses on examining the neurology of the brain during NLP and coaching interventions with a focus on improving cognitive (mental) and physical (body) performance.

Sarah is a recognised Business Growth Coach for Growth Accelerator, and has an established portfolio of advanced leadership and management, and business management skills training courses recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) for their high-quality bespoke provision and relevance to modern business.  Sarah draws on her academic and industry experience and uses her unique skill set to tailor all of her coaching sessions to the individuals she works with.


Sarah uses her expertise with individuals who wish to use Executive, Master NLP, and Personal Development Coaching in the following ways (or a combination of):
Executive Coaching

To create a competitive advantage through improved and more focused career planning and time management; improving interpersonal and communication skills to achieve greater success with public speaking, presentations or business pitches; to develop a broader range of leadership and team management skills or sales techniques.

Sports Performance Coaching

To create and manage desired states in preparation for and execution of specific sporting activities; to support and promote rest and recovery; to develop and enhance personal branding and career planning.

Personal Coaching

To reframe limiting beliefs to increase confidence, reduce anxiety, eliminate phobias and increase overall health and wellbeing.

If you’d like to book a coaching session, please contact Sarah at SARAH@ATTHEBOX.CO.UK




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